A Transformation in Isolation

As you read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, you first read that for Ebenezer Scrooge “[i]t was the very thing he liked. To edge his way along the crowded paths of life, warning all human sympathy to keep its distance” (stave 1). Ebenezer was a selfish man who wanted to be left alone. During … Continue reading A Transformation in Isolation

Ever-changing Emotions

Change is something everybody experiences. It might be a domestic, relationship, or emotional change. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Victor Frankenstein experiences an emotional change himself. His emotional change, in the context of Chapter 10, can be compared to Percy Bysshe Shelley’s “Mutability”. In the beginning of Chapter 10, Victor is mourning the deaths of William … Continue reading Ever-changing Emotions

Escaping From the Slavish Grip of Technology

As a technological revolution diffuses throughout the world, the craft of writing longhand is gently paling. The world is dislodging the authentic pen to paper and grasping hold of a screen. For the adolescent writers of the world, it is facile to get roped into this movement. As adolescent writers ourselves, we have encountered the … Continue reading Escaping From the Slavish Grip of Technology

Creating the High-Class Image of LRU

When searching for the dream college, what draws one to it? It may be the programs of study, or it could be the advertisements. Lenoir Rhyne University, a private college in Hickory, North Carolina publicized an advertisement in “Our State” magazine. The advertisement portrays six nicely dressed students, five that can be fully seen, chatting … Continue reading Creating the High-Class Image of LRU